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#BYOD4L - Connecting

3 min read

Thought I would try and spend a bit of time this week engaging with the BYOD4L course and as I'm usually on Twitter posting about education and cat gifs, I thought I would try and involve myself in the G+ community, where I am usually more of a lurker. 

The scenario's presented offer two perspectives on device usage, asking questions of "where do i find examples of current practice?" and "I just use my mobile for calling, why do i need it for anything else?" respectively.

Personally, I find Twitter a really useful place to start; searching by hashtags and looking at who's following who has revealed a huge community of educators to me and it's my go to Personal Learning Network. I'm also interested in technologies that help curate resources like RSS aggregators. Medium seems to be quite good at this. In terms of your mobile device doing more for you and getting people engaged with the affordances of BYOD, I like the idea of less or zero interface technologies, which make our devices less disruptive to our day to day and operate in accordance with our lifestyles. Examples of this might be apps that present information to you audibly or curate information for you based on location or routine. A gain in user experience in this regard may come at the cost of sharing more and more personal data to our apps and service providers, so we must ensure users understand relative instant benefits against potential longer term negative impacts. 

Within our team, we have been using Slack for a while and I like the If This Then That integration which I use to post tweets from conferences back to the team in a Channel. It mean's we can discuss things in greater depth in an online space which is just used by the team. Google Plus has a huge international education community there too, so although I tend to read more posts and comment less, I find it a useful space to look to and search for information on a topic and often find communities are already formed around those topics

I've started using this platform, Known for some of my blogging stuff now. It's quite handy in that it integrates with other social media/publishing platforms, that you can back up/download your data and that it has potential for educators. I wrote a bit more about this and other emerging web platforms in another post. You can also use inline tagging to curate your posts like