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#RHIZO15 Learning Subjectives

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Bit late to the game, but hoping to join in as much as possible. Week 1 of a kind of community centred learning experience around rhizomatic learning and it’s refreshing and exciting to hear @davecormier announcing at the very beginning “ I have no idea where this is all going to get us”.

It’s an approach that resonates with me as I like the journey and don’t often think about the destination. Maybe there won't be a final destination, but a set of connected pathways and turns. I guess the idea of a learning subjective is to put yourself inside the learning opportunity and make it personal. A learning objective might state the aims of the teacher for the learner or the outcomes of the session. Often in teaching, I will start by setting aims and objectives, so to understand this concept more, I’ve taken a recent session and rewrote it as learning subjectives.

So this...

Google Pres

Becomes this...

Google Pres 2

It suddenly becomes more personal, maybe more opinionated and selfish, but much more open and honest. Taking this approach is more like laying your cards on the table; “This is what I know, this is what I want to understand and this is how you can help me understand”. It encourages the idea of a learning partnership as opposed to a didactic teacher-student relationship.

I think my understanding of a learning subjective is probably influenced by my desire to work in the open, so I guess for I want to be taking unsignposted pathways and seeing where they take me and how that relates to OEP.