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Open Enthusiast, working in the field of Learning Technology. Long term cat owner and new-to-the-scene dog walker. All personal content is openly licensed.
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Delving back in to research, similar stuff to what I was thinking about this time last year; student expectation upon educational technologies. Might post here and also look at hosting another blog for this stuff.

In untroducing myself, I thought about places i've lived and used the brilliant to transform map locations into words.

Reading about insider research, like Meyerson's description of "tempered radicals" for those who quietly enact change within the organisation and Coghlan and Brannick's concept of the insider change agent as "one who is a supporter of the people in the organisation, a saboteur of the organisation's rituals and a questioner of some of it's beliefs". Definitely chime with the idea of the insider action researcher.

Reading Karen Lepels work on student persistence and intrigued by the idea that student perception of monetary cost, or value-for-money would vary so much in profession and non-profession based courses and have an impact on persistence.

It would be interesting to look at how emotional support and parental involvement is affecting persistence rates in the post 9K fee environment.

Spent a lot of the day thinking about using Known for collaboration and community initiatives. Decided to use it for my own research ramblings