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Adding badges to your portfolio using Embedly

1 min read

I'm a fan of open badges as a means to identify and articulate learning and I've promoted them and collected them when they've been used in open courses. I wanted to embed them on my Known profile, but Known won't allow you to embed secure content from other sites... so any images with an https:// prefix. I think this may apply to some wordpress sites too, depending on how the site security certificate has been set up.

As a workaround, there's a great tool called that let's you paste in a url and returns you some code which gives you a nicely formatted card to embed on your site and a link to the original source of the image for attribution purposes. You can use the tool for free to produce your cards, but they will have a blue side banner and social sharing tools enabled. If you setup an account, you're allowed some more formatting options. You'll see the two examples on my profile of and badges.



Badge from the chat. Nowhere to embed on Known, so I'm chucking it up here.