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#RHIZO15 Content

1 min read

Thinking about the idea of content and what it represents in design of learning. Going back to the building of a window seat, I'm self organising my learning from resources that I'm aware of; Big book of DIY, Youtube, Pinterest, Instructables and this might point me to other resources, in the case of youtube and pinterest by using their own algorithms to promote content to me. I think this brings up themes of agency in learning and instructional design and if we have an awareness of how and where to search, we can make our own way though content.

Rather than posting up more words on here for the sake of it, and having just read Dave's message about cheating my way back into  I'm going to try and connect with some other people's content and link back to it on here.

#RHIZO15 Measurements

1 min read

This week, has been concerned with measuring things that aren't learning. There's a buzz around big data and 'learning analytics' as a means to quantify learning. Insitutions love to publish positive figures; league tables, satisfaction surveys. It's now big business to assign numbers to objects and events. I thought I'd add a few things that i've meaured this week.

Starting with...

  • number of open access docs in my work Google Account:

accessible google fies

  • Average mpg in the car. I feel like I'll achieve something, if I can get to 41.5:

  • Wooden battons for window seat. I'm making this design up as I go along, learning from youtibe videos and pinterest photos, but I've had to measure up for the battoning:

#RHIZO15 Learning Subjectives

2 min read

Bit late to the game, but hoping to join in as much as possible. Week 1 of a kind of community centred learning experience around rhizomatic learning and it’s refreshing and exciting to hear @davecormier announcing at the very beginning “ I have no idea where this is all going to get us”.

It’s an approach that resonates with me as I like the journey and don’t often think about the destination. Maybe there won't be a final destination, but a set of connected pathways and turns. I guess the idea of a learning subjective is to put yourself inside the learning opportunity and make it personal. A learning objective might state the aims of the teacher for the learner or the outcomes of the session. Often in teaching, I will start by setting aims and objectives, so to understand this concept more, I’ve taken a recent session and rewrote it as learning subjectives.

So this...

Google Pres

Becomes this...

Google Pres 2

It suddenly becomes more personal, maybe more opinionated and selfish, but much more open and honest. Taking this approach is more like laying your cards on the table; “This is what I know, this is what I want to understand and this is how you can help me understand”. It encourages the idea of a learning partnership as opposed to a didactic teacher-student relationship.

I think my understanding of a learning subjective is probably influenced by my desire to work in the open, so I guess for I want to be taking unsignposted pathways and seeing where they take me and how that relates to OEP.